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How to Bond Glass Chair Mats

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Standard glass chair mat before bonding

Chair mat with custom lip bonded on

In my home office, I have a narrow hallway where I have some files, supplies etc that I need to get to on a daily basis, so I bonded on another Glassmat and I glide to down my "hall" to access my items and glide back to my computer and Glass desk mat. 

hallway matBonding to Desk Mat
Glass hallway matBonding to Hall mat to Desk Mat
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Bonding Glass Chair Mats Together

Do NOT butt the glass mats together. Do NOT let them touch.

Read these directions in their entirety before starting. Refer to the pictures at the bottom of this page before proceeding.

First: Position the first GlassMat on the floor. If blue painter’s tape is not present on the top edges of the glassmats, place blue painter’s tape along the top edges of the individual pieces that are to be bonded together.

Second: Use the cardboard strips or cardboard spacers provided. Tape vertically along the inside edge you will be bonding. This is the edge that should have blue painter’s tape. If smaller spacers are provided rather than a single strip put one spacer toward each end and one or two toward the middle.

Third: CAREFULLY place the other GlassMat at least one inch apart from the first GlassMat. CAREFULLY and SLOWLY slide the second GlassMat up against the first – KEEP the cardboard strip or spacers in place. DO NOT BUTT GLASS AGAINST GLASS. The cardboard is used to provide the proper separation distance between the two pieces of your GlassMats and to prevent you from hitting glass to glass.

Silicone - 3 Oz Tube of Silicone – Make sure that the tube of silicone is at room temperature or slightly above. You can take the tube and put it over a heating vent to raise its temperature. Take the cap off of the tube of Silicone, invert it and using the pointed end of the cap puncture the top of the tube. Insert the long nozzle that you have trimmed back to half of the furnished length.

Fourth: Make sure that you have extra paper towels or something on which to lay your silicone tube or calking gun down on when not in use. If on plush carpet, have someone else stand on the other side so that each piece of glass is level with the other. Remove the cardboard strip or spacers as you travel down while putting about a ¼” bead OVER the seam. You don’t have to worry about the silicone running as its viscosity is such that it will stay in place and not “run”.

Fifth: The final step is to take your finger and slowly run it along the top of the seam. This will press the silicone down into the seam cavity and will flatten and give a finished appearance to the sealed joint.

Sixth: Start at one end and pull up either one or both ends of the tape. This leaves a clean and neatly bonded joint. Dispose of the tape and stay off the GlassMat for 24 hours. If you accidentally get some silicone on the glass during this process it can easily be removed later after it has dried with a single edge razor blade.

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