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Chair Mat Measuring Tips and Techniques

The following are standard GlassMat sizes and will fit most desk areas:

Chair Mat 48 x 48 45 x 53
Chair Mat 46 x 60 60 x 60

Please keep these sizes in mind when determining your needs. Non-standard chair mat sizes will require an additional $20.00 charge and may not be shippable. Please call us if you require a non-standard size.

The majority of chair wheels do not roll under the desk surface. Therefore a “tongue” is not necessary. Please be sure to roll as close to your desk surface(s) as you normally would and look down at your chair wheels. If they do roll under your desk surface and your desk does have drawers that go to floor on each side you may need a tongue. Please give us a call (303-516-4014) to assist you with measuring.

Look around your desk area for things you might glide to if you could. For example: if your fax machine, printer, or files are within the normal standup and grab – you might want to glide to it on your chair mat and should measure accordingly. We bring this to your attention because after you experience the ease of glide on our GlassMat you will wish you had those few extra inches!

Please visit our website at and browse through the chair mat photo pages to become familiar with some examples of functional and aesthetically beautiful GlassMats.

Your desk area will look better and be more functional if your GlassMat runs the entire length of your desk (from the far left edge to the right edge). It should butt up against the front of your desk legs. But if you require coverage under your desk surface, measure from inside the leg, not outside, so you can slide your GlassMat under your desk. Be sure to include the under desk length when measuring. The average under desk coverage is normally from 6” to 12” depending on preference. If you have a credenza behind your desk we recommend you take the GlassMat ½ inch in front of the credenza. The average width of a GlassMat with no credenza, wall or other obstructions is approximately 46” to 60” depending on space availability and preference.

For maximum glide benefit your GlassMat surface should cover the entire floor surface you move to and from. However, GlassMat is approximately .225 in depth so you can roll off and on the edges without difficulty.

Enhancing your GlassMat with 3” radius corners is only $12.00 per corner. For sizes 60” x 60” and larger a 24” radius is only $20.00. The radius corner(s) “soften” and make for a more elegant looking enhancement to any room. We hope that you saw some in our website photos

Please refer to for configuration photos. If you have any difficulty measuring for your chair mat please do not hesitate to call and we can talk you through it.

Please remember – Glass Chair mats do not bend. You will need to lay your GlassMat down flat and slide it in place or move the furniture and then lay it down accordingly.

Thank you.
Marsha Livingston

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