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Chair Mats - Frequently Asked Questions- Floor mats

Are GlassMats Chair Mats really made out of glass? Yes, they are made from glass which is specially treated so they will never crack, dent, indent, or discolor and will never wear out (unlike plastic chair mats that often become worn, unsightly and often unusable in a short period of time).

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Castors, do I need special chair castors ? No, you don't need to replace your chair castors - Most plastic wheels work wonderfully on Glassmats!!!!.  

What is the thickness of a GlassMat chair mat ? GlassMats are manufactured at a thickness of 0.225” which is slightly less than ¼”. Our thick chair mats are so durable that they come with a lifetime warrenty.

How much weight will a GlassMat chair mat hold? GlassMats will hold well over 1,000 lbs. !

What are Radius (rounded) Corner chair mats and why would I want them? The standard Glass Mat is manufactured with squared off (90 degree) corners. A Radius Corner is a curved (rounded) corner.

Corner Chair Mat Photos

The standard curved (rounded) corner for a GlassMat is a 3” curve on the corners. These give the GlassMats a more “finished” and elegant look, especially if the mat and corners are visible by others.

Corner Chairmats

Other radius corner sizes are available as shown here and on on the Chair Mats photo pages of the web site.

Are the edges beveled? Glassmat's safe smooth straight edges allow MAXIMUM rolling surface and NO unintentionally rolling off. Glassmat does not bevel its edges because beveling can cause unintentional unsafe rolling off and takes away from your overall rolling surface.

Do you sell custom size chair mats in various shapes? YES, we do sell custom size chair mats, custom office mats and custom size floors mats. Our standard and custom sizes range from small office chair mats to large, chair mats for carpets or hard floors in various sizes and shapes and colors. Please call us at 303-516-4014 to discuss your custom mats needs, application and special requirements.

Custom Office Mats, Custom Floor Mats

Are Chair Mats Safe for Carpets, Do GlassMats slide/move on carpets? Yes.We recommend that your GlassMat butt up against your desk or office furniture. Because of their weight GlassMats chair mats tend to stay in place 99% of the time. However, with some carpets with a high nylon content, chair mats for carpets can sometimesto “creep” over time. They can be easily slid back in place by standing off the mat and pushing with your foot or sliding by hand They are safe for carpets holding over 1000 pounds of weight.

How are GlassMats shipped? GlassMats are shipped via ground trucking common carrier. The freight company normally gives you a call to set up a delivery time.

Do you sell anti static Chair mats for carpet? Yes, all our glass mat Glass Chair mats are anti-static on carpet, hardwood floors or any surface.

Chair mats for high pile carpet or thick carpets? Yes, with our chair mats for high pile carpets, your benefit is even more dramatic on high pile carpet. Glass Mats work as well on high pile as they do on low. They will never indent, crack, groove or discolor and will provide the same degree of service in year 10 as on day one!
High Pile Carpet Chair Mats
How about chair mats for hardwood floors or tile? GlassMat chair mats for hardwood floors work equally well marble or tile floors. We provide silicone button spacers that go between the tile floors or hardwood floors and the these provide a small spacing cushion between the hardwood flooring and prevent the GlassMat from sliding. These are the same buttons are most often seen on glass desktops.

Transparent Floor Mats for Wooden floors

Will a glass chair mat work on hard floors and Cement floors? Yes our glass chair mats will even work on cement and concrete floors to even the surface for a wonderful glide.

Glass chair mat for cement floors

How long will a GlassMat last? In a normal office environment a GlassMat will last indefinitely

Do I need a “lip” or “tongue” that goes under my desk? In most cases a “lip” or “tongue” is not required. While seated at your desk roll up to as far you normally work. Look down and see where your chair wheels are located. If they do not go under the desk or break the vertical plane of your desk then a lip is not required. In the event that they do please give us a call.

How to measure a chair mat? While seated in your desk chair roll around and establish the boundaries where you and your chair want to travel. Take some masking tape and establish that perimeter. Measure this and if a standard size will work, order directly from the web site. If a custom size is desired, just give us a call.

What is the normal lead-time from ordering to shipping? Normal lead-time is 2-3 weeks

Are there any shipping or size restrictions on large office chair mats ? Yes, for custom large office chair mats over 60” x 60” please give us a call for shipping estimates.

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