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GLASS MAT Chair Mats Handling Instructions


Chair Mat Unpacking

To ensure proper safety, follow these instructions for unpackaging and installation to the letter and read them out loud to your helper. Once in place your GlassMat is almost indestructible but can be broken if care is not taken during unpackaging and installation.

First, make sure that you have assistance in moving the carton to a location where it can be removed from its packaging safely. It is easiest if the carton is on edge leaning slightly against a wall. This should be done on carpet, NOT on a hard surface.

While still in the package, move the GlassMat carefully into the appropriate room. If going up or down stairs make sure that the bottom and corners do not come in contact with any hard surface. Also, watch your overhead clearances for lower headroom in stairwells.

Cut and remove the strapping bands. Discard the outside and inside cardboard facing. Remove and discard the slotted foam around the perimeter edges. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Your GlassMat was cleaned before it was packaged for shipment. If needed, clean both sides of the GlassMat with any glass cleaner. Clean one side leaning against the wall and then with assistance move it to another wall, turn the GlassMat around or have your helper hold it while you clean the other side. Make sure your old mat has been removed and that you have vacuumed the area for the new mat. You might even want to move the desk if necessary to allow more room during the GlassMat installation.

Chair Mats for Carpet Floors: If there are indentations left from a previous pronged mat you might take a stiff brush (dog brush) to raise the carpet nap. Make sure that any obstructions are removed from the path to your desk. Move the desk chair, garbage can, etc. to ensure that you have the necessary room to work. With one individual on either side, carry the GlassMat on edge, making sure that you have plenty of clearance on the bottom. Do not drop or hit the edge on any hard surface. With an individual on either side carefully position and lower the GlassMat flat against the floor. It can then be slid into position and adjusted. You’re done and ready for a major change in your work environment.

Chair Mats for Hardwood/Tile/Marble Floors Or Other Hard Surfaces: First step is to damp mop the area and allow it to dry. With the Chair Mat on edge (on carpeted or soft surface) place the clear plastic buttons (supplied) about an inch in from each corner. On any leg longer than 50” place another button in the middle between the corner buttons and again about 1 inch in from the edge. A little moisture may make them stick to the GlassMat easier. A little extra care must be taken in putting your GlassMat down easily on any hard surface. Should a button fall off during this process is can easily be slid under the edge of the GlassMat once on the floor.

Bonding Two Chair Mats Together: Do NOT butt the GlassMats together – Keep them separate and follow the special instructions enclosed. If you have ANY questions on this procedure please give us a call before beginning.


It should take you no longer than 24 hours to get used to your new Chair Mat. It is .225 inches in thickness (less than ") and you can roll off and on the edge without damage.

Your GlassMat requires no special care or maintenance except to be careful when vaccuming around the edges/corners. It is recommended that the top surface be cleaned with any glass cleaner and a paper towel. If you find that sticky food or other materials are difficult to remove with a standard glass cleaner, a single edge razor blade can be used to remove these hard to remove materials before use of the glass cleaner. A $10 "Swiffer" style mop works nicely with any glass cleaner and eliminates the need to get on your hands and knees to clean.

Glassmat's are guaranteed for normal office use. Please be careful not to drop heavy metal or glass objects on the corners. The only two concerns are no metal or glass on the Glassmats. If you require a piece of furniture to go on the Glassmat, please have it in at least 3 to 4 inches from the edge and completely cover the metal/glass with a furniture velt pad. Velt pads are easily purchased at stores like Lowes and Home Depot.

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