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Chair Mat Reviews and Testimonials

Read through just some of our unsolicited glass chair mat reviews and testimonials about our products.....


"Received the chair mat today and love it! It’s so nice not to have to rock myself out of a hole several times an hour. Also, since I work barefoot, I love the cool glass under my feet (weird, but true). Thanks so much for a great product!"

"Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the glassmat. Wish I'd purchased it years ago."
Nebraska, US

"The GlassMat I ordered arrived in plenty of time for my March 18 birthday surprise for my co-worker. What a surprise it was. She was amazed and has been rolling around freely all day today (laugh). Just as with my first order several years ago for my home office, everything was FIRST CLASS – from order to delivery. The mat fits the space perfectly. Thank you for making such a wonderful product available. Anyone will wonder how they ever lived without a GlassMat when they put one under their chair. Thank you again."
Ohio, US

"Both Glassmats arrived today in fine shape. We have them both installed, and they look every bit as good as I had hoped, and work even better. Thanks once again for your attention to our account with your firm."
Bruce S.

"My husband and I figured out the process and the Glassmat is in place. It looks great and makes sliding my mobile file cabinets around very easy. Love your product."

"I received my chair mat today. It is perfect. I'm so glad to be done with cheap plastic mats. This should last me a lifetime.

Thanks for providing such a quality product."

"Just wanted to report that we love the glass mat for our desk chair! We received it quickly after placing the order.

It has been on the floor for about 2 weeks now. It was really a smart move to order this mat after considering every other desk mat available out in the market! "
Dolores G.
San Diego, CA, US

"I received my glassmat today. I was sceptical about paying so much for a mat but must say that this is money well spent. It is amazing!"

"As the day goes on I keep loving my new Glass Mat more, more and more!!!  No more struggling dragging my chair across my low pile carpet.  No more strained back muscles used when dragging that chair.  Ease of movement in all directions.  No matter where I have to roll my chair, I am easily able to do so!!!

Plus the crystal clear Glass Mat looks beautiful in my office.  I will definitely purchase another one for my jewelry design room, in the next month or so. 

Have you ever thought of marketing your Glass Mat to physical therapy and chiropractor's offices?  I am sure that many people with low back pain would be thrilled to know about it.  People involved in body work would understand the benefits of this wonderful product for their patients.

I'll be in touch for the next order."


"The mat was delivered Tuesday, and I set it in place Wednesday after work. The packing was excellent.

The mat is wonderful. I can't believe a glass mat can be that strong. Wow.

The 3' by 3' size is ideal for the home when one has limited need for movement back and forth at a computer armoir. I still put rubber casters under the chair wheels (without the glass mat, the rubber casters dug into the carpeting and the wheels rolled off them).

My large oak computer armoir is in my reading room with an oversized chair and hassock and a lot of small antiques (wood, glass, brass) in what otherwise would be the diningroom. The glass mat is unobtrusive in my decor (a wooden mat, for rigidity, would have stood out tremendously and would have looked like a platform).

I will definitely let others know about your great product."
Lyn K.

"Received the mat on Friday.  What a difference!  Rolls easily and clear -- much better than the other mat we had."

"Hi, Marsha!  Well, my Glassmat came last week and I was too nervous to open it!  So, it sat in my hallway for over a week – but today - TODAY WAS THE DAY – it is now in place and I am happily rolling on it!  It looks great and will last forever, as you said.  Thanks again for the great product, Marcia"




North Logan, Utah, US

"Well, I was a bit skeptical but it has now been six months since we purchased a glassmat from you and it still looks like new!!!

The chairmat has undergone daily use and a 275+ pound office manager and it looks like the day we bought it...Other chair mats were lucky if they made it the first month without cracking and large pieces coming out of them.

We are no longer skeptics and recommend your glassmat to many of our business associates. If anyone questioned your testimonials as being true (as we did) they are definitely true and we are a believer.

Thank you for accomplishing what no other company had.....a chairmat that retains its beauty under the rigorousnous of use."
Syracuse, New York, US

"My coworking and I love your glassmats! I can't believe how sturdy the are. So far I have dropped my stapler and rolled the wheels off the edge and there are not crack or chips at is wonderful. It is very easy to clean and rolling around is a breeze especially compared to the traditional vinyl mats. Thanks so much for an awesome product."
Carmel, California, US

"My new GlassMat chair mat was delivered today, well ahead of the time I had expected -- I ordered it on June 13, 2008 and it was delivered less than two weeks later.

It's beautiful, and exactly as represented. I had previously used an acrylic (hard plastic) chair mat for nearly 20 years (I guess you could say I got my money's worth out of it!) but it was shot -- badly cracked.

So the new GlassMat took no getting use to at all -- I'm accustomed to a hard, smooth surface on which my chair easily glides. I'm using it over residential Berber carpeting.

I must admit that I had to swallow hard to cough up the cost of the GlassMat ;-) but the truth is, there's nothing else on the market like it. It's the real deal.

It's hard to believe that a glass surface can be warranted to last for life and never crack or break, but I'm definitely looking forward to using my new GlassMat "for life"."
Plano,Illinois, US

"The greatest thing since sliced bread."

"My GlasMat arrived today one week after shipping. It was packed so well and was also easy to unpack.

My wife couldn't believe it! For ten years we have tried to find something that would work on our carpet. And through your company on the internet we did.

Thank you!"

"I wanted to tell you that we received our glass mat 2 wks ago and now I have one more happy employee. This is our third purchase. I ordered online. The service was efficient, the shipping was timely and the product is super. It is a pleasure dealing with a company that delivers quality.

Until next time.......Take care.
Dan, CEO

"I bought a mat from your company about 14 Months ago, and I'm writing to say that I'm delighted with it.

It is all your advertising said it would be, and more, and I fully expect it will last indefinitely.


"I received my GlassMat in perfect condition today, thanks to your great packaging. I installed it, and now my chair no longer gets stuck in the valleys of my old (actually it is only a month old, and was designed for thick carpet, but it is BAD!) vinyl mat. It feels great, looks great, and also is NOT slippery when walking on it with stocking feet. That is another feature you should promote. It also does not feel like it will slide around at all on my Frieze carpeting.

Thanks for a great product."

"I recently purchase a glass matt from you and this thing is the best thing since sliced bread."
Ohio, US

"Just wanted to drop you a note with an update. I was so frustrated with the plastic mat I had in my study/office and was excited to get my new glasmat.

Well ...I wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks! Your product is a winner! Looks good and feels great. Its exactly what I was looking for and plus. In this day and time of products coming up short / I wanted to say your product was as good if not better than I expected. I think your going to see your business grow by leaps n bounds as people find out about you.

Happy New Year!"
North Carolina, USA

“I wanted to write to let you know how floored (pun intended) I am with my new glass mat. My custom built home office was completed about 2 months ago and the glass mat is the pièce de résistance of the room. There have been a number of people over to see my new home office. The first words out of everyone's mouth has been, "where did you you get that chair mat?" Some have even called it breathtaking.

The glass mat is everything you described it to be and more. It's fashionable and extremely functional. I could not be more pleased with the product, as it has exceeded all my expectations.

Ohio, US

“I ordered my glassmat a time ago and waited until it came…All I can say is WOW…it functions so well, was packaged perfectly and was WELL worth the price I paid for it….The quality is great and the mat was heavy enough it took 2 of us to put it carefully in its place….Thanks for a great product which I will recommend to my friends…

Wendell O'Neill,
Nebraska, US

“My GlassMat arrived earlier this week, and I now have it in my office. This product is amazing. I can't believe how easily my chair moves around, and the appearance is so nice and professional, not like those cheap vinyl mats that everyone else sells. Thank you for your help with my custom order, and thank you for shipping me my GlassMat. I am very happy I found you.

All the best.”

New York, NY

It’s amazing. After two days of sitting on my GlassMat I went from only being able to sit for two hours at my desk without back pain to sitting 8 hours pain free. Thank you GlassMat.”

Greg Mangold
Louisville, Colorado

“After using your product for about a month, I now know that this was the best money I have ever spent! It is so easy to move around on a Glass Mat without struggling. I have recommended Glass Mat to my friends and neighbors because they, too, have complained about the "ruts" in a regular chair mat.

Thanks again for a wonderful product and lots of luck to you!”
Ann P.
Beverly Hills, Florida

“Wanted to send you a note telling you what a wonderful product you have. I am sitting on my new chair mat for the 4th day and it is absolute heaven! You people need to get to all the office supply places to blow away the 'crap' that they sell for mats. Frankly, they should shoot themselves!

This is the slickest (pardon the pun) thing I have used in years. Bravo to your company.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product.”

Sellersville Pennsylvania

“GlassMat is a superior product. I am loving my new GlassMat. It is like moving up from a Ford Pinto to a Cadillac. They are moderately priced for what you get and they look a lot sharper in the office as well.”

Leonard P. Johnson, CPA
Johnson Kightlinger Graham & Co.
Boulder, Colorado

“The Glass Mat is perfect for our plush carpet area. The delivery, packaging and write up explaining your product was all first class. I so appreciate that. Attention to all details--if only all companies could be like that.

I am so happy I found you on the internet!”

Renae Fredericks
Woodland, California

“I received my Glassmat this morning after being ordered for one week. It arrived in perfect shape and looks beautiful and feels just as good. Gone is the vinyl mat I was constantly replacing. You truly get what you pay for. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again.
Houston, Texas, USA

“Talk about getting your monies worth. After using my GlassMat I know I got a bargain.”

Mary Popovich
Walnut Creek, California

“I received that mats and surprise -surprise you REALLY do get what you pay for. They serve the function perfectly and look great as well.

Its really great to sit at my desk and not worry about sinking into a "canyon" each time I move my chair.

Thanks for the service and thanks for the cordial friendly manner in which you handled business.”
Los Angeles, California

“Just a note to tell you how thrilled I am with my GlassMat. What a dream. I have three work positions in my work area and moving from one to the other is now a dream. With my old foor mat I used to sit at a position and the wheels on my chair would sink into the plastic mat and it would be an effort to move out of those dents to get to another position. No more! I glide from one work position to the other with a trip as smooth as glass. And the clear glass surface brightens up the work area.

I'm very glad I found you on the web.”
Brighton, Colorado

“I got my new GlassMat several weeks ago now and my only regret is that I didn't get it bigger. I would love my entire office to be on glass!

It is fab, more than worth the money, and I thank you for your kind and friendly service.

GlassMat is great stuff.”
Wilmington, North Carolina

“I bought my glassmat about a year ago and love it! It seems to make my office look more organized and neat...and that's a long shot. I would never go back to the plastic mat and would recommend the "Glassmat" to anyone who spends long hours in their office.
Westminster, Colorado

“I recieved my chair mat about a week ago and it is exactly what I've been looking for, I'm very satisfied. I have thick carpeting in my office and have been going through plastic mats on a regular basis. The glass mat is great! I was also impressed by the way it was packaged for shipping.
Thanks very much,
Take care,”
Las Vegas, Nevada

I LOVE my new glass chair mat! It is the perfect solution to a long-standing problem, and I am so glad you made it available.
Dallas, Texas

“Your glass mat is the best thing that has happened to antique "art rugs" in years. I didn't realize that glass over my persian carpet would actually make the protected areas beautiful until seeing it. I guessed, of course, because antique fabrics are often pressed behind glass so that their intricacy can be both viewed and protected. The same effect is now happening on my floor! You can walk over ( people do) and view the rug actually capturing more detail under my chair than in the middle of the floor. Unbelievable. So many thanks!

Boston, Massachusetts


Thanks for you letter about your great product. I have been thinking about you folks every time I sit at my desk. I am a large man, 300+ pounds and was concerned with that weight and the weight of the chair working with "glass".

Your product continues to work wonderfully. I find it easier to roll back and forth on the Glassmat than any other product. It has not warped, cracked or dented.

Thanks again for such a great product. I will recommend it to all my friends and
El Granada, California

“I received my GlassMat on Friday and I absolutely love it! No more rolling into the "holes" that are created from sitting in the same place on those plastic chair mats. I am adjusting to the "speed" as I now roll with ease.

I have already given your information to two of my friends that have the same problem with the typical chair mats as they were waiting to see if I liked mine. I told them it is a great idea and well worth the money!!

Montana, USA

“I love your product. While I was skeptical when I ordered it, I was thrilled once I made the first glide and realized how tough the glass is. It is the perfect solution for me as I have to move between two laptops much of the time. And, I love the thought that I supported a female entrepreneur. KUDOS to you!

I plan on telling anyone who will listen how much I love your product.”
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

“I first bought GlassMats for my office. It wasn’t long before everyone in the office had to have one. Now I have one for my home office too! No way could I go back to the plastic chair mats!”

Bill Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Brokerage
Longmont, Colorado

“What’s not to like, I LOVE IT.”

Brian Swirk
Swirk Jewelery
Kansas City, Montana

“It is what you promised and much much more. Besides keeping my carpet clean, I can now roll easily from my computer to my printer to my work area and no longer have tension on my knees… which is very important at my age!”

Sam Dragisich
Walnut Creek, California

“It’s nothing short of incredible! Where have you been all of these years? I can’t thank you enough.”

Carl Sherman
KCI Construction
Boulder, Colorado

“I received the GlassMat and absolutely think it is great!! Before I received the GlassMat I had faith that ya’ll would do well…now I really know!! You have a great product on your hands!
North Carolina

“Boy, what a difference. I can see that this will save a lot of wear and tear on my knees. I'm still recovering from knee surgery, so any improvement in sliding from station to station will be a good thing. Thanks
San Francisco, CA

“We LOVE our glassmat!! Installation and bonding of the two pieces was a breeze. The glassmat adds to the beauty of our room. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I have been using the chair mat since yesterday and it is very nice. Even my skeptical husband likes it.
Chicago, Illinois

“Some how the GlassMat makes even my small home office look larger. It seems to brighten and light up my room.”

Dorothy Jardine
Concord, CA

“I’ve been ‘gliding’ back and forth all morning, giving free “rides” to anyone who comes in my door – there’re all very impressed. Thank you so much and wishing you great success for a truly wonderful product. From the bottom of my heart (and legs) – THANK YOU.”

Joyce Cheney
Colorado University
Boulder, Colorado

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